NeuroSweep™ 2.0 CES + tDCS

NeuroSweep™ 2.0 CES + tDCS + Virutron® Pro Antiviral in One Device

Brainwaves have been the subject of at least 6 decades of scientific research with the aid of electronics. Sadly, a slew of chemicals have taken over to alter how the brain works.

You can go back in time and resume where brainwave research left off.

NeuroSweep® 2.0 transcranial electrostimulation can be used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s syndrome, alleviating PTSD, pain and depression. It can also be used to enhance cognition, reflexes, creativity, etc.

This device can also mitigate all withdrawal symptoms associated with drug / smoking rehabilitation.

Explore the endless possibilities of transcranial electrostimulation now!

+ Virutron® Pro Full-Spectrum Antiviral

Main board of the NeuroSweep™ 2.0 CES + tDCS + Virutron® Pro Antiviral in One Device

This is the best non-invasive alternative to all vaccines, antibiotics, including chemo and more.

Inside the Virutron® Pro Full-Spectrum Antiviral is a CM5206/25 control motherboard with a high precision, high performance, large scale FPGA integrated circuit that provides 200 million samples per second resolution, which makes every wave cycle as distortion free as possible and makes the signal more stable.

This highly advanced electronics is being shared with NeuroSweep® in one device!