Brain Hacking without Toxic Chemicals

Mental conditions cannot be rectified with toxic chemicals, but only through the precise application of electromagnetic waves reinforcing the natural frequency of the brain waves.

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NeuroSweep™ CES+tDCS

NeuroSweep™ CES+tDCS

Brainwaves have been a subject of at least 6 decades of scientific research with the aid of electronics. Sadly, a slew of chemicals have taken over to alter how the brain works.

You can go back in time and resume where brainwave research left off.

NeuroSweep®can be used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s syndrome, alleviating PTSD, pain and depression. It can also be used to enhance cognition, reflexes, creativity, etc.

This device can also mitigate all withdrawal symptoms associated with drug / smoking rehabilitation.

Explore the endless possibilities of transcranial electrostimulation now!

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+ Virutron® Pro Antiviral

This is the best non-invasive alternative to all vaccines, antibiotics, including chemo and more.

Inside the Virutron® Pro is a CM5206/25 control motherboard with a high precision, high performance, large scale FPGA integrated circuit that provides 200 million samples per second resolution, which makes every wave cycle as distortion free as possible and makes the signal more stable.

This highly advanced electronics is being shared with NeuroSweep® in one device!

Technical Specifications
+ Virutron® Pro Antiviral

People just like you love NeuroSweep® + Virutron® PRO

  • “Amazing healing for most of our people and without a doubt increased energy by everyone. Establishing logs and testimonials of course with so much going on… when we have four or five people sitting around to be electrified or waiting for their partner to finish there is a continual laughing and joking of high humor with insightful conversation continually…. most amazing.

    ​Thanking you for your support and the wonderful time for me and my friends to retrieve energy without side effects which lifts spirits and eases pain.​” – June 28, 2018

    Poet Warrior
  • “As a group we are paying close attention to detox failures of course…. everyone is so very appreciative of the rebound of energy without any negative side effects and the economy of each session being just electricity…” – 22 June 2018

    Poet Warrior
  • “We have been using the cancer-buster for three weeks since delivery…. currently there are eight people (from 55 to 78 yrs) using it daily… following the guide lines outlined in the manual…. all is going very well…. my personal use has been steady for three weeks now using it 1 hour daily…. tremendous energy all day compared to just months ago…” – June 18, 2018

    Poet Warrior
  • My energy level has never been better. I don’t feel lethargic in the morning as I usually do.

    I’ve been sharing these wonderful things with others who are suffering from cancer among other ailments.

    Thanks for what you do!

  • Your research work is excellent and scientific. I am now practicing your recommendations. Thank you very much!

    Thomas Tong, Ph.D.